About Us

My career in construction began nearly a decade ago when I started working on public works projects for an electrical contractor. My role was that of an estimator at first, but after learning the trade I was quickly promoted to a project manager. Managing several projects at a time including public schools, airports, and office buildings were just some of my responsibilities. From estimating how much the job would cost us to complete; to ordering all materials required to complete the job; as well as meeting with architects, engineers and owners on a daily to weekly basis. I was chosen to become the company’s safety officer and attended many OSHA training courses and received multiple certifications including general safety, truck and boom truck safety, shoring and confined space certifications. I was the company‚Äôs contact person when it came to insurance. I would regularly visit our jobsites and make sure that all employees were not only working safely, but in a safe workplace environment. Meeting with Insurance company personnel and taking them on tours of our jobsites was my responsibility. My background in automobile mechanics, having multiple ASE certifications and undergoing formal education, as well as antique automobile restoration made me a prime candidate to head the fleet as fleet manager. I was in charge of creating a system of tracking all vehicles as it pertained to repairs and general maintenance. I also inspected these vehicles myself to make sure that they were not being neglected by the many operators. We had a fleet of over 80 vehicles/tools that included pick up trucks, dump trucks, crane trucks, boom trucks, scissor lifts, forklifts, and air compressors.

I was then recruited by a developer/builder who I assisted in the conception, and construction of apartment complexes and condominium subdivisions. We were a two man show and I was responsible for just about everything. I worked closely with architects, engineers, city planning, and partners to create and develop properties into attractive and useful housing. I was responsible for bidding out and writing contracts for all subcontractors. I would then monitor and approve disbursements based on schedules that were agreed to upon initial contract signing. I would meet with all parties involved in order to solve problems that would come up. I met with city inspectors, dwp, gas company, cable company representatives on a regular basis from the first shovel to the last drop of paint.

The next logical step in my career path was to go out on my own and build. I have worked on several personal residence projects and acted as a consultant on others. I have helped owners remodel their homes and condominiums. I have worked on personally and been involved in the remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, re-partitions, and expansions. I have an eye for detail and I will not settle for anything short of perfection. Construction is not by any stretch of the imagination an easy career path for one to chose. There are many steps and phases that need to occur in a specific order to help assure a quality finished product. There are many players involved in a construction project that include workers, subcontractors, city inspectors, part suppliers, designers and of course owners. It is my job to look out for the best interests of all of them equally as no project will be successful if one link in the chain is damaged. I pride myself in being open minded, attentive to others, perceptive, business savvy, and compassionate. Nobody works hard or goes above and beyond for someone that they do not respect and or believes is fully capable of knowing how the process should go and what a good quality product should look like. I enjoy creating beautiful, functional, and purposeful things. I take pride in all that I do and I do not take short cuts. I look forward to assisting you in your next construction project and I pledge to do all that I can to make the process as painless as possible. Construction is largely based on referrals and we strive to maintain a healthy relationship with all our customers before, during and after the work is complete.

Corey Abrams